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Google goes from a search engine to an answer engine:

The famous search engine will drastically reduce the list of published answers in its search engine result pages. Why ? Because in some cases it is not necessary to have multiple answers. If you ask Google how much is 7*8+6, why do you need dozens of results to tell you that it’s 62 shown in search engine result page?

search engine to an answer engine - Entertainmentfunda

And in this case, Google puts you in front of a calculator quite functional! In short, this result display logic in the search engine without external link, at work for months, takes a new step.

The SearchEngineLand site indicates that Google may decide to directly view the answer to a question if it already knows it. And it works on simple queries, and many. Google says that this type of response is displayed when an answer is really obvious. And specifies that it is always possible to see more results of the query. But with one more click on the link “show all results”.

SearchEngineLand notes that in some cases where the query is ambiguous, Google displays the usual results directly so that it does not take any risk. Thus a query “Time in Canada” will still display the results so as not to lose users who were looking to find the Canada Times website for example.

Because yes, in the Canada, these result pages are available without external link. Google has tested functionality on a panel of users since February, and this type of result is now visible to all users.

Mobile Version of the Search Engine:

The change is currently only on the mobile version of the search engine and is not available on the desktop version. During this first test, the functionality was offered on the desktop version. In doing so, Google aligns a little more on the operation of the voice assistants type Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant: for websites and services, it is no longer about being on the first page of the results, but of reach the “zero position” which ensures that its service will be displayed to the user who makes a specific request.

Mobile Version of the Search Engine - Entertainmentfunda

Another advantage of this type of result page for Google, an optimized load time. “As always, our research goal is to help people quickly find the most relevant information. For queries for which we are extremely convinced that a user is looking for a calculation, a unit conversion or a local time, we will display a single result to improve the loading time on the mobile “says a Google spokesperson at the Canada site.

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