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Instagram Is the New Engine in the Growth of Facebook

Instagram Is the New Engine in the Growth of Facebook:

Although a giant on the market, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is losing momentum among younger generations. And it’s Instagram that could somehow revive the machine, especially growth. Business is business

The Social Network is far from being the number one social network for teenagers. But, Instagram is today on the second step; behind YouTube. With its crazy growth, the platform allows Facebook to continue its progress by now weighing more than 100 billion dollars.

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According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 95% of teenagers have access to a smartphone and 45% say they are constantly connected to the internet. Now that the set is up, let’s look at the habits of the young people surveyed. In terms of usage, YouTube leads the way with 85% of teen users, Instagram ranks second at 72%, then Snapchat at 69%, and Facebook at only 51%. Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and others share the rest of the rankings.

Clearly behind the competition, Facebook has a nice advantage thanks to Instagram. Indeed, the application has 2 million active advertisers monthly for 25 million companies. Which leaves a nice margin of progress for the months and years to come.

SMEs have adopted Instagram:

Currently in the United States, 34.6% of small and medium-sized businesses spend a portion of their budget on Instagram advertising. And of the remaining 65.4%, most said they did not advertise at all and some felt that Instagram did not meet their needs. Facebook has some work to do. Objective one: understand why some companies do not turn to Instagram and convince them to get started. We can also extend this goal to Facebook, since many are still hesitant to try it!

The ease of targeting and the accuracy of the data can only simplify the lives of SME bosses. When a campaign is well conducted, the results can be very interesting while costing less than a classic advertising campaign. I thought everyone was aware of it, but obviously that’s not the case yet!

If we look at the habits of advertisers, we notice that half of the campaigns on it use geographic targeting. Some do it for each campaign! Next, 77% of professionals advertising the app regularly use personalized audiences and 29% consistently.

In view of the figures and the operation accessible to all of Instagram, we quickly understand how advertising expenses are growing and for it will grow further. For Facebook who bought the $ 1 billion social network in 2012, this is a golden opportunity!

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