LinkedIn QR Code to Connect Million Members Faster | Easier

Microsoft-LinkedIn QR code-scan

LinkedIn QR Code:

LinkedIn, the network for professionals now owned by Microsoft, announces a new feature based on QR Code. The idea: connect more easily to the 560 million members of the network.

Concretely, it is simply a matter of replacing physical business cards. The mobile application (iOS and Android) service can scan the QR Code of the person to whom we want to connect. What to avoid wasting time for the right person especially in some countries homonyms are numerous.

LinkedIn QR code

LinkedIn QR code is about to become a social network manager “a simple way to get to know someone else.” app and scan the QR code to connect and stay in touch.”

Insert the QR code on brochures and documents

LinkedIn also suggests the QR code on brochures and documents, on your website, on badges, in your electronic signature or directly on your CV. The button to access this feature is located in the mobile app.

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