Mark Zuckerberg – More Advertising on Facebook Messenger

Advertising On Facebook Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg assured him last April, Facebook mission is to connect the world. And this implies free service, and therefore its monetization through advertising. But from when does too much advertising kill advertising?

The social network is still thinking about it, and while waiting to find the answer to this question, it is testing new sites for advertising. And the latest is the mailbox of users of his Messenger application.

Users do not change their habits with advertising:

Re-code reports that Internet users are starting to see video ads, in addition to automatic reading, in the mail, right to the messages of their friends and family.

The advertisement in Messenger is not in itself a novelty. Facebook has indeed started selling advertising on its service 18 months ago. However, the firm then opted for static formats.

Advertising on Facebook Messenger

With the video, Facebook changes format, and opts especially for a format much better paid. The key, these videos should therefore further increase the advertising revenue of the US giant.

But these autoplay formats are also a bigger inconvenience for the user. The generalization of these formats and practices has also encouraged browser publishers to integrate features to automatically block this content.

Stefanos Loukakos, the boss of advertising on Facebook Messenger, nevertheless promises that the company will be attentive to the user experience. It anticipates, however, already a good reception, reports Recode.

“The priority for us is the user experience,” he said Tuesday at the Cannes Lions advertising festival. “So we do not know yet [if it will work]. However, the signs so far, when we tested the basic ads, showed no change in the way people used the platform or the number of messages they sent. ”

“The video could be a little different, but we do not believe it,” adds the Facebook leader. Users should therefore be prepared to see this advertising format become widespread on Messenger.

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