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Robot 2.0 is an upcoming bilingual Indian science fiction film, shot in Tamil and Hindi languages and directed by S. Shankar. Sequence film of ROBO (2010), the Robot 2.0 film will present Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in the lead roles. It is going to hit the theatres i.e., on 29th November (Thursday)

The film is produced by Lyca Productions; Robot 2.0 is the highest budgeted film budget in the history of Indian cinema. This represents about 540 Core rupees, or 54 million USD. With one difference: it is entirely shot in India, all the technical leaders are Indian, like most of the VFX technologies used in the film.

Robot 2.0 Movie

Raju Mahalingam, director of operations for Lyca Productions, creator of “Robot 2.0,” said in a press release that the film was shot entirely in Delhi and Chennai. “As a group, we are based in the UK, but we decided to film it all in India this time, and the highlight of the film is it was shot at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in New Delhi and the rest in the EVP film city of Chennai.” The attempt to give the film a futuristic impression resulted.

According to a report, it was stated that the Robot 2.0 film had already earned Rs. 370 million rupees for the digital and satellite rights for the pre-sale of the three versions. They have already recovered more than half of his production.

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