why Samsung Android Galaxy S9 Beats OnePlus 6

Samsung Galaxy S9 and oneplus

Difference between the Samsung Galaxy S9 and oneplus:

The best design of the OnePlus 6 is that like an iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. Mostly OnePlus 6 is constructed from glass and physical games a quite curved back. Both phones are well built and feel great to hold, but only the S9 boasts an official IP rating for water-resistance. Actually OnePlus has improved the water-resistance when compared to OnePlus 5, but there are no official IP rating.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and oneplus

In terms of the Processor, both OnePlus 6 and S9 stands out as same Snapdragon 845. Where as in Display oneplus 6 6.2-inch and S9 5.8-inch. The battery is of 3300mAh in OnePlus 6 and S9 stands. Both the devices having a headphone jack and USB-C port, along with a physical fingerprint scanner on the back.

In the Galaxy S9 with a 2960×1440 pixels resolution. In comparison, the OnePlus 6 is able to offer a 2280×1080 pixels resolution, highlighting a huge difference in the display quality.

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