SEO 2018: The New Trends and Updates | SERP in SEO

SEO 2018 The New Trends and Updates SERP in SEO

AMPs Update in SEO:

It is a project launched in 2015, which has proven itself in SEO since there are 4 billion pages published on 25 million domains. These are web pages for mobiles and tablets. Their loading time is faster.

The February 2018 1 Google will penalize mobile sites and traditional sites that do not contain the same content, by decreasing their visibility. Due to the fraud of some mobile sites that redirect these mobile pages to the classic website.

The content of the AMP pages must be identical to that of the original pages.

This is why it is important to rectify these points as soon as possible, there is a strong stake from the point of view of natural referencing.

SEO 2018 The New Trends and Updates SERP in SEO

Mobile searches Update in SEO:

At the conference Friday, 1 December it was announced that the art mobile searches will appear in the SERPs of Google held in the offices of Google in Paris. That is to say that these mobile searches will, in the same way as searches on traditional sites, on the same level. They will appear on the search pages of all browsers. More Google’s robots will now explore in priority the mobile pages of sites rather than the desktop version. That is the classic version of the website.

There are 3 methods of mobile site management:

Responsive design (only 1 URL and 1 code base)

Dynamic broadcasting (1 url different from the mobile site, the content adapts to the mobile or classic version).

Separate URLs (desktop version www. And mobile version m.).

As it has been seen for the MPAs, Google wants that the pages of classic and mobile sites are the same, the contents must be equivalent . It is better to use the responsive design since Google wishes that the mobile sites and websites are the same, with the same content.

The voice search Update in SEO:

As we have already explained, there is an appearance of People Also Ask (PAA) in the form of drop-down lists of questions. These drop-down lists are refined according to the selected questions.

These PAAs will expand especially because of voice assistants such as “ok Google” amazon echo or “said siri”.

These voice assistants play a role in SEO as our ways of searching for information change. Natural referencing must adapt to this type of research taking into account the PAA, in order to position itself better in the ranking.

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