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A sensitive skin is a thin or fine textured skin that looks very breakable. It reacts speedily to both heat and cold. It, therefore, gets sunburned or windburns quite easy. If you have this type of skin, apply sunscreen lotions or creams. Wash your face with mild baby soap. Rinse thoroughly and pat the skin dry with a soil towel.

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Such people should never use rough towels. Also, it is essential for the people of this sort of skin that they should not ever apply any type of cream or lotion or dry, etc., even fabricated clothes without first attend their preference of the material on the inside of your wrist to see the reaction of your skin to the substance. It is because not many items of make-up agree with a delicate it. Also applying home-made moisturizing cream on your face before humble for the night is a necessary precaution for the persons with sensitive skin.


The rough texture of the skin which occur to be cracking sometimes falls in this group. In case the cracks progress of your skin, then whole day, at bedtimes, take the white of an egg, mix in one ground almond and sharply cover on your face. When the it feels dry, wash off the paste with water and apply homemade nourishing cream. Such person should escape using soap totally because due to its acidic reaction soap dissolves the fat from the skin and takes them away from the surface.

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Rather, clean your skin with gram flour made into a paste with fresh bath, massage yourself either with warm olive, mustard or coconut oil. Also. After bathing speck yourself dry; don’t rub yourself rigorously with a bath towel. Every night, before you retire, apply homemade cold-cream. In case you cherish to continue the youthful loveliness of a clean and flawless texture, use cold or nourishing cream every night after overpass 25 years of age. Such persons shouldn’t wear tight-fitting woollens or rough clothes because they have the tendency to irritate this itching or scaling.

If you have to use woollens first wear woollens, without their having any evil effect. In case you have advanced scales the ideal remedy is to take saline bath. Prepare the bath in the following way: Add about 20 grams of sodium chloride in a tubful of water and soak in this water for about 15 to 20 minutes twice daily. Getting out of the tub, let your body dry and then massage gently either with Almond or Olive Oil. Although presenting simple, this treatment often brings about a great devaluation in chapping and scaling. This also provides great relief from itching. However, this treatment is suggested only when you are in the zenith of your health.



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