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Top 14 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2018

Top 14 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2018:

In this 21st century, Human nature by default has been programmed to be socially active to a certain extent. People these days are no longer need a personal handshake or face-to-face meeting, so they started alternative way to connect them and have found ways to be socially active on the internet, which is possible with the numerous High PR Social Bookmarking Sites platforms and apps through internet.

Some people are more active, while others are less to these websites, so people always been looking for ways to connect each other. Now a day’s people find their relationships through websites which begin, grow and end on social media.

So here, we try to discuss some of the most popular social media sites that are being explored by the world today and will find out some of your favorite social media platform and today we will learn some popular online social platforms that we can start using. We found some most popular social networking sites which is certainly changing over the past years, and they are undoubtedly continue to change as time moves forward and the best/popular website will definitely stick to number one position.

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. Qzone
  5. Weibo
  6. Twitter
  7. Reddit
  8. Pinterest
  9. fm
  10. Tumblr
  11. Flickr
  12. Google+
  13. LinkedIn
  14. Vkontakte

Top 14 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2018


Facebook is an American online social media and networking company founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow students and roommates Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes located in California, it was launched on February 4, 2004. It is one of the popular Social media sites which has grown in huge number and More than 2.6 billion users using this site. As per the status revealed by “statista” in 2018 and due to increase in the use of smartphone devices, this number was likely to cross 3.2 billion Mark by 2020.

facebook - EntertainmentFunda


YouTube is an American video-sharing website founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim(former Pay-pal founders) in February 2005, it is headquartered in San Bruno, California. It was operated by Google Company which is bought for over US$1.65 billion in November 2007.

youtube - EntertainmentFunda


This Facebook, Inc. owned company is a photo and video-sharing platform services launched in October 2010 by the founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger which is exclusively launch for IOS devices in earlier days. Later after 2 years i.e., in 2012 it was launch for Android devices and in November 2012 it is followed by a feature-limited website interface and to support apps, later in April and October 2016, it was launched for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows  10 desktop version respectively.

instagram - EntertainmentFunda


Qzone (QQ) is a High PR Social Bookmarking Sites founded in 2005 by Tencent Inc in china, this website allows users to write blogs, listen music, watch videos, and send photos and more. Based on their preferences, Users can set their background and select accessories which can be highly customized to the individual’s taste.

QZone - EntertainmentFunda


Sina Weibo (WB) is a Chinese Micro blogging (weibo) website and the most popular High PR Social Bookmarking Sites platforms with over 411 million monthly active users, it is launched by Sina Corporation on 14 August 2009. This website surpassed US$30 billion market valuation mark in the first quarter of 2018 with surging stocks, advertising sales, revenue and total earnings.

Weibo - EntertainmentFunda


Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco, California founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and launched in the year 2006. It is known as the real-time public micro blogging network where users post and interact with messages known as “tweets” Which is restricted to write the tweet in 140 characters, but on November 7, 2017 it was doubled the word limit up to 280 words for all languages except Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Users those who registered in twitter can post tweets and the unregistered users can only read them through app and website. Users can access twitter through Short Message Service (SMS) or mobile-device. In 2013, it was one of the ten most-visited websites and in 2016. Twitter has more than 319 million monthly active users.

Twitter - EntertainmentFunda


Reddit is an American web content rating, social news aggregation, and discussion website based in San Francisco, California, it is founded by Virginia University students named Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005. It is subsidiary of Condé Nast’s parent company. Users can submit content such as links, text posts, and images, where other reddit users vote them which cover a various topics including news, science, movies, video games, music, books, fitness, food, and image-sharing. Submissions with more up-votes appear towards the top of their sub-reddit and ultimately on the sites front page.

Reddit has more than 542 million monthly visitors as of February 2018. According to Alexa Internet ranking, REDDIT was the No.3 most visited website in U.S. and No.6 in the world.

reddit - EntertainmentFunda


It is web and mobile based application company founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp which operates software system design to discover information on the World Wide Web which is mainly using GIFs, videos and images on a shorter scale. Pinterest allows users to save images and can follow other users if they have similar tastes to shares there similar board of interest.

Pinterest CEO created an idea which inspires users to go out and do things rather than an image-based social network and personally wrote to the site sitting in office. The first 5,000 users offers personal phone number and even have chance to meet some of its users.

pinterest - EntertainmentFunda is a global High PR Social Bookmarking Sites founded in 2010 June 16 by Riga, Latvia headquarters in Dublin, Ireland following its 2014 acquisition by IAC. It is a form of anonymous social media that encouraged questions to be submitted anonymously and allows users to create profiles and send each other questions. In 2016 IAC sold it to Noosphere Ventures, a California-based asset management firm. By 2013, reached 65 million registered users and continued its growth by approx. 300,000 new users per-day.

Ask - EntertainmentFunda


It is a micro blogging and High PR Social Bookmarking Sites owned by Oath Inc. developed in 2007 which allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Bloggers can also make their blogs private and can follow any users who are the user of this website. It was created by David Karp. Bloggers features are accessed from a “dashboard” interface. Tumblr hosts over 417.1 million blogs as of June 2018.

tumblr - EntertainmentFunda


Flickr is founded by Ludicorp in 2004, it is an image hosting service and video hosting service and also a popular High PR Social Bookmarking Sites for users to share and embed personal photographs and share in online community, the service is widely used by bloggers and photo researchers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media. It was owned by several companies, latestly it was acquired by SmugMug since April 2018.

Flickr has more than 87 million registered users and more than 3.5 million new images has been uploading daily according to Verge website. In order to upload pictures or videos, you need an account to be created in Flickr to access them. Flickr has official iOS, Android support apps and an optimized mobile site.

Flickr site - EntertainmentFunda

Google +:

Google+ is a High PR Social Bookmarking Sites run by Google and was opened to people with an invitation on June 28, 2011 for testing but later it was stopped within a day after there was “insane demand” for accounts. It has  created more than 10 million users after the two weeks of invitation opened, later in 3 weeks, it reach to 20 million users and also has app support for both IOS and Android.

It was the Google’s biggest attempt to rival the social network “Facebook”. Google+ is made to work with different Google social services and also includes Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles.

Google +


LinkedIn which is launched on May 5 2003 is a business and employment services that operates through websites and mobile apps, It is mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn had 500 million members in 200 countries, out of which more than 106 million members are active according to the survey done in 2017, it offers real-world professional relationships which allows members to connect each other in an online social network.

On June 13, 2016, Microsoft announced plans to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, later in December 2016 acquisition was completed.  The transaction resulted in the payment of approximately $26.4 billion in cash merger consideration according to SEC filings.

Linkedin - EntertainmentFunda


VKontakte is a Russian online social media and social networking service which is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia and supports several languages but it is especially popular in Russia, as most of the users are from Russian. It allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based games.

VK had at least 477 million accounts and ranked 14 as per the survey done by Alexa’s global Top 500 sites in March 2018. VK also ranked as one of the most popular social networking website in Belarus and Kazakhstan and ranked 9th in the world according to “SimilarWeb”.

Vkontakte - EntertainmentFunda


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