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2018 TVS APACHE RTR 160 4V:

TVS Motor is surely on a roll. It’s just Three months in consideration of the brand launched its new flagship motorcycle, the TVS Apache RR 310 and just one month in consideration of the all-new Ntorq 125 motorcycle were launched. And now we have an all-new TVS Apache RTR 160 4v that is the first leading update to the motorcycle since its launch little more than a decagon ago. The TVS Apache RTR 160 4v needs no launch as TVS Motor’s best-selling prime bike and has taken in Bundle, like huge reputation as an entry-level act bike.

After over a decade of being in existence, TVS Motor’s workhorse gets a complete overhaul

  • Type 4 valve, SOHO, 159.7cc air-cooled single
  • Max power • 16.8p5@8,000rpm
  • Max torque 14.8Nm@6,500rpm
  • Rake/Trail/Wheelbase NA/NA/1,357mm
  • Apache RTR 160 4v Price Rs. 81,490 ex-showroom
  • Kerb weight 147kg
  • Top speed 116kmph EST.
  • 0-100kmph 16.65 EST.
  • Design, handling, fit-finish and quality
  • No ABS yet


The design:

Unsurprisingly, the new Apache RTR 160 4v Design looks a lot like the 200. So you get the same compact headlight integrating LED daytime running lamps and all-digital instrument cluster as also the same fuel tank with integrated extensions. The front end looks a lot more compact and appealing now sans the bulk of the older bike’s fairing. One distinction between the carburetor and fuel injected versions (apart from the badging, obviously) is white back light for the fuel injected bike’s instrument cluster as opposed to the yellow one on the carburetor version, which also misses out on a gear indicator.

The exhaust is straight off the RTR 200 too, but the seat and rear cowl aren’t as the RTR 160 gets a one-piece seat, the base version that gets a front disc only, rued Sports a 110-section rear tyre. Version gets a rear disc the carbureted (and the fuel injected) version gets a rear disc as well Sports a 13o-section rear tyre. Which makes for a beefier look. An important change on the ergonomics front is the single-piece handlebar that has replaced the older bike’s clip-ons, as TVS felt the one-piece handlebar works better in terms of %-eight distribution. On the whole; the new 160 comes across as even more premium with its fit-finish quality and the quality of the paint and plastics, which are all top notch.

The engine:

The Apache RTR 160 4v engine highlight here is the adoption of RTR 200’s 4-valve technology. Engine displacement is the same but TVS claims the engine benefits even more from its racing program where it uses a 165cc prototype, and the manufacturer has managed eke out more power from the 159.7ce engine. Outputs stand at 16.5PS and 16.8PS for the carbureted and fuel injected versions respectively (up from 15.12PS) while peak torque produced is up to 14.8Nm from 13.03Nrn.

TVS also claims the new RTR 160 boasts the best in class power to weight ratio. The first thing I noticed, obviously, was the improvement in performance. 1.649 feels quicker off the new RTR line while also feel in stronger through the revs. There’s Tangible feel to the l improvement in p openings result in better acceleration, and the engine also feels more refined at now. The fuel injected version feels even dc smoother while offering a crisper throttle la response, and its exhaust note is slightly a different as well.

I particularly liked the midrange cc performance — the TVS Motor test track qi has just one sweeping right hand corner and drive out of it even in fifth gear was impressive. The RTR should thus feel quicker in traffic, as gear ratios have always been spaced well and in-gear acceleration feels even better as there’s more thrust from the engine now.

The chassis given the race prototype’s success, it isn’t surprising TVS has taken help from s its racing division to develop the new chassis. The RTR 16o also borrows the MS 200’S swingarm and monoshock, which along with the revised chassis help it feel more confident and planted. The suspension has in fact been tuned by e TVS Racing’s racers, who are national PS champions themselves, along with specialists from Showa. As a result n the new bike feels quicker to tip into is corners, as I found out during my test ride.


I was able to carry speeds of around 90-951(mph into the corner easily and then accelerate through it thanks to the planted feel. The lone corner at the test track also has one rather famous dip that has gotten smoother over the years but is h still noticeable when going flat out. The RTR stayed put throughout, even with the throttle pinned in fifth and the experience speaks volumes about the improved handling. Having done the exact same thing lap after lap I’m convinced the new 16o will be a far better handle on road than its predecessor. All that sportiness doesn’t come at the expense of a good ride quality, and I have to say, TVS Motor has nailed the balance between a good ride and handling yet again.

Impressions the Apache RTR:

The Apache RTR 160 has always been a slightly aggressive yet friendly entry-level performance motorcycle and the new bike takes things a notch higher. The engine feels more refined and powerful, while the changes to its chassis and suspension have clearly helped it become a better handler. The new RTR feels sportier and more confident without sacrificing its friendly, forgiving nature, which is really impressive. On the whole the new RTR 16o is a significant upgrade over its predecessor and promises to up the performance and dynamics game in the i6occ segment.

Pricing begins at Rs.81, 490 ex-showroom New Delhi for the base carbureted version with a front disc only, going up to Rs.89, 990 for the fuel injected version with discs at both ends. Pricing is on the higher side but when you consider overall the build quality and fit-finish levels, as also the impressive dynamics, the new RTR 160 sounds convincing as a well-packaged 160cc motorcycle. So if in the market for an entry-level performance motorcycle, this is a machine that should feature on your shopping list.


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